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Canterbury Forum programs are presented in Will Hall at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 2410 Melrose Drive in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Detour Warning for March & April Canterbury Forum programs:
Melrose Drive leading to St. Luke's from University Avenue has been blocked off for reconstruction. St. Luke's can still be accessed from Waterloo Road: turn onto Royal Drive, then take the first left, which is Melrose. St. Luke's is at the top of the rise in front of you.

All programs begin at 7:00 PM, and are free and open to the public.

​​​​Holy Warriors: 

​Race, Religion, and the Struggle against Slavery

Sunday, April 28

Dr. Wallace Hettle

Department of History, UNI

In the three decades before the Civil War, the abolitionist movement derived from a transformation of American Christianity, the Second Great Awakening. While slaveholders had long believed that their “peculiar institution” was sanctioned by the Old Testament, slavery’s opponents increasingly agreed that human bondage was a sin.  Some Christians, like the radical evangelical William Lloyd Garrison and the novelist Harriet Beecher Stowe, pursued pacifist strategies.  Others, including the slave rebel Nat Turner and the puritanical John Brown, believed God would “purge this land with blood.”  Dr. Hettle, UNI's Civil War historian, explores their stories  to illuminate the troubling relationship between religion, violence, and social justice in the decades before our Civil War.