Canterbury Forum programs are presented in Will Hall at St. Luke's Episcopal Church,
​2410 Melrose Drive in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

All programs begin at 7:00 PM, and are free and open to the public.

​​​​The Baptists: A Study in Diversity

Sunday, August 25

Rev. Joe Greemore
Pastor, Waterloo First Baptist Church

In this, the first of the Forum's new series of denominational profiles, Rev. Joe Greemore shares out of nearly a quarter-century's worth of experience as an American Baptist (ABC USA) to explore the origins, identity, and call of these peculiar people of faith in the 21st Century. Part history lesson, part social justice orientation, part ecclesiastical critique, Rev. Greemore will invite us to be part of the unfolding narrative around faith life at the core and in the context of multiculturalism and divergent viewpoints. 

The Poverty on Our Doorstep

Sunday, September 29

Tom Marrah

Back in the 1960’s President Lyndon B. Johnson declared “the War on Poverty”. Many programs have been devised to help those in poverty. Tom Marrah will look at what the Federal Government considers poverty and where the definition came from. Since most programs use the Federal Poverty Guidelines, what are they? Could you support your family at that level? He'll look at data from the US Census for the USA, Iowa and the local area. The United Ways Alice Reports for Waterloo and an Article from USA Today paint a picture of the Poverty situation at our doorstep. Finally, he'll introduce graduates of the “Getting Ahead in A Just Getting’-By World” program; it’s based on “Bridges out of Poverty”, the work of Ruby Paine, Ph.D. They have lived in poverty right here in Waterloo.

Our Epidemic of Gun Violence
Sunday, October 27
Rev. Abraham Funchess
Jubilee United Methodist Church, Waterloo

Violence has become a major public health issue in Waterloo-Cedar Falls and the surrounding communities. Based on his years of community activism, Pastor Funchess sees youth violence, sexual violence and systemic violence as products of a xenophobia gripping the hearts and minds of our metro leadership and citizenry. His presentation will describe the magnitude of the socioeconomic and health effects that result from pervasive violence, the risk and the factors that lie behind it, and explore what we can do to address violence through collaborative community agency work.

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