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Links to resources on human trafficking and contact information for reporting suspected human trafficking activity (courtesy of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Tri-State (Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin):

National Human Trafficking Resource Center:

Human Trafficking Hotline:

Braking Traffik website:

Any Kid Anywhere is a human trafficking awareness program for middle school and high school students, staff and parents.  Developed over a three-year period by Braking Traffik, in partnership with schools, law enforcement, attorneys, mental health professionals and SafePath Survivor Resources, this program provides education on prevention, intervention, and ending demand for human trafficking. Our materials include an Instructor’s Guide, a PowerPoint and our 15 minute documentary, “Any Kid Anywhere: Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories,” featuring three local survivors.

For more information, or to order these FREE materials, please contact us at, or call 563-468-2381.

App for logging hotel rooms for trafficking identification

How many slaves work for you?

A website with a list of Fair Trade shops.

Human Trafficking Information Resources and Reporting Links