The Canterbury Forum

Directions to Canterbury Forum Programs

Canterbury Forum programs are presented in Will Hall, at Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, 2410 Melrose Drive in Cedar Falls.

Directions to Saint Luke's:

Detour Warning for
March & April Canterbury Forum programs:

Melrose Drive leading to St. Luke's from University Avenue has been blocked off for reconstruction. St. Luke's can still be accessed from Waterloo Road: turn onto Royal Drive, then take the first left, which is Melrose. St. Luke's is at the top of the rise in front of you.

Saint Luke's is located on Melrose Drive at the east end of Seerley Boulevard.  
To get to Saint Luke's from the east, take University Avenue to Waterloo Road, bear right onto Waterloo Road and then take the first left, onto Royal Drive, and then the first left again, onto Melrose Drive.  
From the west, either take Waterloo Road to Royal, turn right on Royal and left on Melrose, or take University Avenue to the roundabout at Holiday Road in front of College Square Mall, go left on Holiday Road, then immediately turn right on Blackhawk Village Drive (the frontage road that parallels University), and left on Melrose.