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Detour Warning for March and April Canterbury Forum programs:
Melrose Drive leading to St. Luke's from University Avenue has been blocked off for reconstruction. St. Luke's can still be accessed from Waterloo Road: turn onto Royal Drive, then take the first left, which is Melrose. St. Luke's is at the top of the rise in front of you.

The Canterbury Forum is a project involving a number of mainstream and progressive religious communities in northern Iowa's Cedar Valley.  Its purpose is to inform and educate people about religious issues and to explore the relationship between religion and the broader society and culture -- including science, history, and the arts -- from the perspective of the religious mainstream. 

 The Forum invites all who regard faith and reason as partners rather than antagonists to join in the collective and collaborative effort of planning and directing The Forum and its activities.
For information about upcoming Forum programs, see  and Upcoming Forum Programs.  For a topical listing of all the programs the Forum has hosted since 2005, see the Past Program List.  For links to the websites of mainstream faith communities in the Cedar Valley that have supported the Forum, see Community Links. For information about how to contact the Forum and its leaders, see Contact. And for directions to Forum programs, of course, see Directions. 

Canterbury Forum Coordinating Committee

Ken Atkinson
Bob Dise
Jen Dise
​Laura Praglin
Dick Ulffers

Pam Ulffers
Charlotte Wells